Rules & Regulations

General Discipline

  • Every morning classes begin with a prayer song. Come to attention when the song begins and keep standing till it ends, wherever you are in the campus, whether in the class or outside. Classes will be started from 09.30 a.m. to 3.15 p.m.

  • The students should enter the classrooms at the second bell and keep silence till the lecturer enters.

  • Student should bring the ID card allotted to them on all college days

  • All the students should wear uniform suggested by the college authorities in the college

  • Every student shall try to behave and conduct himself or herself in a dignified and courteous manner in the college and should be respectful to the teachers.

  • Students shall handle the property of the institution with care.

  • Consumption of narcotic drugs, tobacco, alcohol etc. is strictly prohibited in the campus and action will be initiated against those who are found to have consumed them.

  • Silence shall be maintained in the college library and the premises of the office.

  • Nobody shall exhibit any type of banners, flags, boards etc. inside the campus, gates, walls and on the compound walls. Similarly, students are prohibited from disfiguring the walls of the college building.

  • Usage of mobile/cell phones within the campus is prohibited.

  • The students who use vehicles should keep them in the parking shed.

  • Students who are charged in criminal offence or are under suspension will not be allowed to enter the college campus without the permission of the principal.

  • All types of Ragging are strictly prohibited.

  • Any student’s behaviour against the rules and regulations will lead to the expulsion of students from the college after proper enquiry.

  • Attendance and leave of absence

  • Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period by the teacher engaging the class. Late-comers may be refused attendance for the period. If a student is absent for one hour, it will be treated as absence for half a day. A student requiring leave for a particular period may be granted such leave by the teacher concerned. A student absenting himself from the college even for a day should submit the leave application to the HOD, duly signed by the parent and lecturer in-charge. Those who got less than that of 75% attendance will not be permitted to attend university Examinations.

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