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The department of Psychology of PCAS started in the year 2015. The department offers B.Sc. Psychology which is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. By pursuing this course, a student will be able to develop an interest in the subject by exploring the fundamentals of Psychology, and also gain knowledge about the various principles and disciplines of the subject. An understanding of the various fields of Psychology helps the student to choose which area he/she would like to pursue for masters. The three year course also helps an individual to  apply the knowledge which he/she gained to different spheres of life.


Psychology is a diverse field, and is showing tremendous growth currently. Since Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour, it has numerous applications in all walks of life- work, family, relationships, sports, industries and in organizational spaces. It presents a great career option today and the future also holds greater opportunities.

Message from HOD

Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour (APA). That helps a person to describe, explain, predict and  change the human behaviour.. So a person who studies psychology become capable of understanding others and to empathize  with them. And this will also help them to look to  utilize their knowledge for the service of society.