I believe that in art and science are the glories of the human mind. I see no conflict in them.
                                                -    Gerty Cory (Biochemist, Nobel Prize winner)

Biochemistry is one of the interesting, rapidly growing and most influential areas of science. At its most basic, Biochemistry deals with chemical processes that occurring in living matter. Combining the core tenets of Biology and Chemistry, the field plays a special role in the development of novel scientific approaches. Also it is the foundation of all of the sciences concerned with the processes of life in health or their disruption in disease, including Physiology, Neurobiology, Immunology and Genetics.


Biochemists have many opportunities in various areas, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Agriculture
  • Food industries
  • Education
  • Cosmetics
  • Forensic crime research
  • Drug discovery and development

Message from HOD

The department offers M.Sc. degree in Biochemistry. 12 seats are  allotted for our course by MG university. To accomplish the enormous task of providing quality in academic and nonacademic programs, the department gives continuous attention with the help of management and a dedicated supporting staff. Our classrooms are well equipped for teaching and our laboratory is equipped with instruments needed for the basic laboratory experiments. The course aims to provide an advanced understanding of the core principles and topics of Biochemistry and their experimental basis.

I wish that the Almighty may shower his infinite wisdom to our students and hope you all can explore yourself at Presentation College.